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  • June 20, 2012 at 9:02 pm
  • Project Category :  Private Sector Initiative :: Best Innovation in Pre School and Special Needs Education
    Project Name : Shri Ram Global Pre School

    Details of Applicant :
    Name : Tanuja Krishnatray
    Address : Plot No 4106, Ashoka Marg, Behind Galleria Market
    DLF Phase 4,
    City : Gurgaon
    State : Haryana
    Country : INDIA
    Zip Code :  122002

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency :
    Name of Organisation : Shri Ram New Horizons Ltd
    Address : UGF, NBCC, Opp Sai Mandir, Lodhi Road
    City :New Delhi
    State : Haryana. 11003
    Country : INDIA
    Zip Code : 11003
    Name of the head of Organisation : Ajay Kumar Sharma
    Website :
    Project Website :

    Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
    Shri Ram Global Preschool accepts and appreciates the uniqueness in each child and thus aims at teaching the children “How to Think” instead of “What to Think”. Our Primary Target is to encourage self-discovery through exploratory learning and to aid them in the process, we prepare our environment to not only be child-safe but also child-stimulating. We follow a blend of the Montessori as well the Play way method, constantly supporting it with audio visual aids. Art, Music, Dance, and other alternate methods of self-expression are an integral part of our curriculum. We believe in keeping our traditional values and morals alive in this age of modernity while using the best international practices, thus giving our little learners the best of both the worlds, celebrating our Indian-ness. Our aim is to ignite the fire of curiosity in each child thus initiating them on the path of life-long learning

    Why was the project started :
    To provide Gurgaon with the first early learning centre of international standards to address the learning needs of children in their most impressionable years.

    Objective :Our fervent endeavour is to ensure that each student is endowed with the qualities and traits that are hallmark of every Shri Ram Global Student. SRGPS makes an early beginning in cultivating the core values of confidence, courage, competence, creativity, courtesy, compassion and commitment for lifelong success and happiness. Confidence: Students passing out of Shri Ram institutions are extremely confident and exhibit tremendous self belief in themselves and their abilities to attain the impossible. Competence: Shri Ram students are highly competent, which is a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform any activity. They encompass a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour utilized to improve performance. Courage: Shri Ram students approach and achieve their goals without even an ounce of fear in their minds. They are storage house of strength and courage to take on any challenges in life. Courtesy: Shri Ram students reciprocate with humility and politeness in their words and actions. Their courteous and pleasing manners distinguish them from the rest of the herd. Creativity: Shri Ram students are immensely creative in their approach to any problem. Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion which is found in abundance among Shri Ram students. Compassion: Compassion is the basis of all morality and Shri Ram students are compassionate which helps them remain as good human beings. It is a virtue by one shows emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy for the suffering of fellow human beings, regarded as a part of love itself. Commitment: Commitment is interaction dominated by obligations imposed by one. Shri Ram students are committed towards any job or activities they undertake in their life.
    Target group : Children between the age group of 2 and 4 years.

    Date from which the project became operational : 07/01/2001
    Is the Project still operational : YES

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

    1. We create a connect between the prepared environment at school and the Child’s natural surroundings through the Montessori life skill activities. Thus our learners are able to operate confidently and independently in situations encountered outside of school, armed with the experience they have gained while performing daily chores through the Montessori Methodology.
    2. We encourage our children to operate ethically, by instilling in them an awareness and concern for the environment through the daily processes at school. Every-time they take a second to choose between the degradable and non-degradable garbage can, they imbibe the importance of “Going Green”
    3. Intertwined audio – visual aids in our daily processes of learning through play, make learning not just more fun , but also multidimensional.
    4. Use of Didactic Material in the classrooms encouraging among our explorers self correction- the primary skill required for independent learning and operation.
    5. We maintain a bank of more than 2000 learning based activities, songs and art projects thus encouraging all our lookers, listeners and doers in all situations.
    6. Messy Play inspires the imagination, develops motor-skills and a connect with real textures in their environment, and at the same time helps in forming a system of values and an understanding as they operate as a team and learn to share and take turns.
    7. Appreciation and encouragement go hand-in-hand in our methodology when dealing with our little learners. Appreciating them in their areas of strength automatically strengthens their willingness to achieve in their areas of weakness as well.
    8. Speech and drama activities help build confidence, develop personality and communication skills.
    9. We offer seven stimulating Learning Centres including Math and Manipulative, Science and Sensorial, Reading and Listening, Montessori, Dramatic Play, Construction and Design and creative art incorporates hundreds of new books that are used during group activities as well as in the seven learning centres
    10. Portfolios are kept for each child to gather and display all their work throughout the year – including the children’s progressive chart to constantly be a referral point for parents as well as teachers to chart their achievements and to stay connected with their daily progress. Our Parents also get to peep into their little darling’s world through an interactive and constantly updated websites, where pictures, achievement and sheer moments of joy of our young achievers are posted.

    List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

    1. As every single child returns home at the end of the day with a smile on his face after having spent 3 hours learning, sharing, turn-taking and achieving their targets, we take pride in their joys and achievements
    2. Our ever growing and constantly supporting and appreciative parent group has always humbled us and yet been a feather in out cap.
    3. We can boast of a stable and committed faculty which has grown with us over the years and shares a responsible commitment to foster children.
    4. State of the art Learning Centres provide our learners a dynamic and nurturing environment.
    5. We were humbled by the felicitation or our school with the “Education Excellence Award 2012” recognizing us as the best play school in Gurgaon.

    List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative :

    1. To create greater awareness of the importance of home environment
    2. Responsibility of parents as primary care-givers
    3. Calm parents’ anxieties arising from concerns for physical safety of children
    4. To stay abreast with the latest international practices in Early Childhood Education
    5. To constantly upgrade the skills and performance of our teachers