Online Scholarship Management Programme :: Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd.

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    Details of Applicant :

    Name : Dr Mohd. Ilyas Rizvi, IFS
    Organization: Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd.
    Address : Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation, 5th floor, Haj House, Opp: Public Gardens, Nampally, Hyderabad
    City : Hyderabad
    State : Andhra Pradesh
    Country : INDIA

    Details of Project/Implementing Agency :
    Name of Organisation : Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd.,
    Address : Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation, 5th floor, Haj House, Opp: Public Gardens, Nampally, Hyderabad
    City : Hyderabad
    State : Andhra Pradesh
    Country : INDIA
    Organization Website:

    Name of the head of Organisation : Dr. Mohd. Ilyas Rizvi, IFS
    Project Website :

    Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
    The Online Scholarship Management System (OSMS) for Minority students was taken up in the year 2008-09 to enable the students of Post Matric studying from Class XI upto Ph.D. including all professional courses viz; B.Tech, M.Tech., MBA, MCA, MBBS, MS, MD etc. to apply for the Fee reimbursement and Scholarship scheme online through our Website – and to get rid of the old manual system of filling the manual application forms. Subsequently it was extended to Pre matric students from Class I to Class X. Through this system from application to release of amount all the process is online : Colleges and Students are given facilities to track their application online. This is a fool proof, user friendly and transparent system. Through the system every year about 4 to 5 Lakh Students are getting benefit and continuing their studies other wise large number might have dropped out.

    Why was the project started :
    The Online Scholarship Management System (OSMS) for Minority students was taken up to apply for the Fee Reimbursement and Scholarship scheme online through our Website – and to get rid of the old manual system of filling the application forms. Main reasons for starting the programme are as follows: 1.To produce a User-Friendly and transparent system. 2.To facilitate students from far off place to apply with ease. 3.To avoid long journeys by the students to collect application form filling and its submission. 4.To provide online tracking of application from their door step. 5.To avoid wastage of time of Student. 6.To avoid middlemen from the system. 7.To make 24×7 System. 8.To reduce cumbersome process. 9.To bring correctness in sanction and release of Fee and Scholarship.

    Objective : To create awareness among the minority students about the scholarship and fee reimbursement of Government of India and State Government, to build confidence among the students community, Colleges and Managements regarding sanction and release of scholarships and fee reimbursement to the minority students, bringing transparency and accuracy in the system – develop user-friendly system and improve reconciliation of accounts etc., motivate students to take more and more admissions in good Colleges, and reduce dropout rate from studies due to financial constraints, improve literacy rate among minority community, create self-confidence among minority communities, last but not the least – Bring the minority community as equal partner in development and progress of our Nation.

    Target group
     : Minorities comprising of 6 communities viz; Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis & Jains.

    Please Specify reach within India :
     All India. All the students of Minority Community belonging to all the (23) districts of Andhra Pradesh and students of Andhra Pradesh studying in National Institutes like IITs, NIITs and IIMs etc. throughout the country . Therefore geographical reach is all India.

    Date from which the project became operational
     : 10/01/2008

    Is the Project still operational: YES

    10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

    1. The programme is innovative because never before the Minority students were able to apply for the scholarship online and monitor their status of application online.
    2. In the earlier system they were not able to get the information regarding receipt of application, its sanction and release of scholarship and fee reimbursement amount to the Colleges and students.
    3. The defects in applications are shown online.
    4. Tracking of the scholarship application is available online.
    5. The system is transparent and user-friendly and without middle-men.
    6. It is accessible from anywhere – any time.
    7. It is 24 x 7
    8. The earlier cumbersome system has been reduced to a large extent.
    9. It is accurate and efficient.
    10. Data is preserved for future use.

    List the 5 achievements of the programme/project?

    1. The Online Scholarship System is being used by more than five lakh students every year.
    2. Due to Online scholarship system drop-out rate among the minority students has been reduced to a large extent.
    3. Number of minority students taking admission in the Professional courses and specialized courses is increasing year by year.
    4. It have developed the confidence among the minority students to take admissions and pursue their education without paying fees to the Colleges.
    5. It has reduced the middle men and it has produced accurate, efficient, transparent system for transferring the scholarship and Fees to the minority students who are the most backward in the society and thus the goal of bringing back the minority students to take active part in the development and progress of the Nation has been achieved.

    List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative :

    1. Voluminous work. About more than five lakh students are to be served in time bound manner.
    2. To avoid middle-men and to make the system transparent.
    3. Streamlining the Fee structure of large number of Universities having large number of affiliated Colleges each having different fee structure.
    4. To create confidence among minorities that Fees will be paid to the Institutions without any botheration to them. Reconciliation and audit of accounts.
    5. Developing the online tracking system for students. Checking and eliminating duplication of entries if any.

    List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

    1. No where in India the Online Scholarship Management System (OSMS) is available.
    2. It has been selected as one of the best practices by Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances.
    3. It has eliminated middle-men and it is most accurate, efficient , transparent system which serves lakhs of minority students of Andhra Pradesh.
    4. Similar Scholarship Schemes are available in other States and in Government of India, which can also use our OSMS.
    5. Officers from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Delhi etc. and Delegates from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, USA, Jedda have visited our Office and studied our OSMS so that they can try to replicate the same in their State and Country.

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative :

    1. The system is highly scalable and capable of catering to thousands of students concurrently. The system scaled up to the load and served a few lakh students online with respect to accepting the applications (write operations).
    2. The system is tuned to serve over one lakh transactions per day at present. This configuration is good enough to serve the Minority student community. The Data centre of NIC which has highly scalability, security and reliability is being used to host the application.
    3. The Storage Area Network is capable of storing several lakhs of student records online for any required duration of time (years).
    4. The students who are beneficiaries of this scheme and major stake holder are able to submit their application online and track the sanction and release of fees and scholarship to them.
    5. The next stakeholder is the College where the students are enrolled and studying. The Colleges have been given link to their software so that they can download sanction proceedings and to know about how many students have been sanctioned scholarship and fee reimbursement and how much. Moreover SMS Messages are also being sent to Students about sanction and reimbursement of Fees and Scholarship through our online messaging system.