• 1. Is there any fee for submission of entries for WES Awards?
    Yes. Submission of entries for any of the categories for WES Awards entails registration fee of INR 15,000 or USD 350.

    2. Are nominations open for all projects/programmes/initiatives in India and abroad?
    Yes. Nominations for the awards are invited from all over the globe.

    3. How can I nominate any project/programme/initiative?

    Nominations can be by any of the methods stated below:

        • Direct application – A project/programme/initiative can nominate themselves to the award process by filling up the form Awards Nomination Form
        • Peer nomination – An individual/organisation can nominate any other project/programme/initiative for the awards. However, the peer nominator should disclose his/ her name and details in the form Awards Nomination Form

    4. Can I send my nominations as an attachment separately?
    All nominations have to be necessarily submitted online, by filling the online nomination forms.

    5. As a corporate entity, how can I participate in WES Awards?

    You may nominate your product/project/programme/initiative through

        • Direct Nomination: All products, innovations and projects in education can be directly nominated by corporates and eduprenuers under the Private Sector Initiative
        • Peer Nomination: You may nominate an educational institute – including school/college/vocational institute, or a government initiative – where your project/product has been successfully deployed under the various categories of World Education Awards i.e, School Education, Higher Education, Skills and Vocational education, or Government Initiative

    6. As a nominator, do I have to fill separate nomination forms?
    No. The standard nomination form will have to be filled, along with the Details of the person submitting the nominations.

    7. Can I nominate a project which has ceased to be operational?
    No. All projects have to be operational at the time of nomination for the awards.


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