• Day 1 :: July 23, 2012

    Inaugural Session

    Plenary Session-I – Global Education Leaders’ Conclave: Fostering Innovations in Education- Best Practices and Next Practices

    School Track

    Learning in Science, Mathematics and English: Technology Tools for Student Comprehension

    Assistive Technology and Life Skills Education: Emerging Landscape

    Contextual Education Practices: Towards Sustainable Development

    Higher Education Track

    Innovation in Universities: Education Model to Fuel Intensive Research and Creativity

    Emerging Trends in Higher Education and Assessments: The Way Forward

    Special Sessions

    Reforms in Medical Education: Opportunities and Challenges

    Pre Schools in India: Past, Present and the Future

    World Education Awards Ceremony

    Day 2 : July 24, 2012

    Plenary Session-II – Excellence, Inclusion and Outreach: Strategies for Steering the Education Sector


    School Track

    Blended Learning, Multi Media Content & Supportive Teaching Tools to Promote student Engagement

    Creating Personalised Learning Space in Schools

    Exploring New Frontiers and Innovations in Teacher Education

    Higher Education Track

    Vocationalising Education and Skill Development: Creating a Roadmap

    Technology Enabled Campus Infrastructure: Unleashing the Strength of universities

    Leveraging Private Sector for Better Education: Industry Leaders’ Conclave

    Special Sessions

    The Indian Education Sector: Creating Opportunities Through Strategic Investments

    Education Research Forum

    Valedictory Session


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