School Leaders’ Conclave: Session Details

  • Localised Learning in a Globalised Context: Capacity Building, Content and Training of Trainers
    • How localized do future learning spaces need to be?
    • And how can they maintain their cultural relevance and authenticity, while simultaneously catering to a global community and encouraging dialogue between culturally dichotomous groups of learners?
    • What are the elements for successful training programmes for trainers


    Creating Excellence in School Education: Fundamentals for Policy Makers, Practitioners and Educationists
    • Key strategies to promote excellence in school education
    • Global case studies and best practices that have improved quality and enrolment in schools
    • Diverse range of issues and challenges faced by educationists and how these can be addressed by the stakeholders


    School Principals Leadership Conclave: Building Visionary Schools of the 21st Century
    • Bringing reforms at the school level that will help them match global educational standards
    • Models for effective implementation of ICT in school education
    • Strategies for upgrading skills of educators through training and coping with policy reforms at the School level
    • Strategies for introducing inclusive education and special needs education in schools


    Marching Towards Future Classrooms: Perspectives from the Industry and Academia
    • Changing patterns of teaching and learning in school education today
    • Innovation in technology that have impacted the school education system
    • Global trends in classroom teaching systems


    From Conventional Assessment Practices to Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE): A Review of Best Practices 
    • How continuous assessments can support learning in schools
    • The key differences in conventional assessments systems and CCE
    • Key areas of intervention in CCE, challenges and opportunities for schools
    • Best practices in assessment systems across the globe


    Universalisation of Primary School Education
    • Challenges, opportunities and trend for the future that will shape the school education scenario of a country
    • Strategies for universalisation of education both at the primary and secondary level.


    STEM Education- From Competence to Innovation       
    • The importance of STEM Education in a globalised economy
    • The strategies being used by educational institutes to adopt STEM education
    •  Policy, practices and case studies that have promotes STEM education across the globe



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