Session Details

  • Higher Education Track

    Global Education Leaders’ Conclave:

    Fostering Innovations in Education: Best Practices from Across the Globe

    • Innovations in Education, best practices
    • Transformation of education at all levels- from primary school to university education
    • Towards Globalisation & changed leadership
    • Collaboration between actors, both across and within national boundaries

    Innovation in Universities : Education Model to Fuel Intensive Research and Creativity

    • Innovative Education Models
    • Innovation trends & changing the provider landscape
    • Strengthening Education Research & Creativity
    • Building capacities
    • Challenges and opportunities in the changing times, in terms of adding new research and innovation

    Emerging Trends in Higher Education and Assessments: The Way Forward

    • Changing curriculum requirements in a globalised context
    • E-readiness and use of technology in examinations and assessments
    • Increased embedding of quality improvement within assessment, development plans and so on.
    • Improved new measures of success

    Excellence, Inclusion and Outreach: Strategies for Steering the Education Sector

    • Strategies and approaches for creating inclusion and excellence in higher education
    • Increased Collaboration in Planning, Funding & implementing
    • develop more coherent approaches to inclusion & excellence provisions
    • Challenges and opportunities in the changing times

    Vocationalising Education and Skill Development: Creating a Roadmap
    • Major challenges & issues, Revamped Scheme(s) of Vocationalisation of Education
    • Strengthening of Vocational institutions and establishing new ones
    • Governance, monitoring and implementation of the National Vocational Qualification Framework
    • Technical Education in vocationalisation & skill development Programmes
    • Provision of multiple-entry and exit, joint-responsibility of all stakeholders and flexibility in delivery of skill based programs
    • Effective policy reforms and strategies for aligning education with employability skills

    Technology Enabled Campus Infrastructure: Unleashing the Strength of Universities

    • Key IT Infrastructure Issues in Academic Environments
    • The process of modernisation in higher education
    • The structures and models of governance through use of ICT
    • Resources, processes, management and support systems
    • Options and solutions for tight budgets
    • What is in the future

    Leveraging Private Sector for Better Education: Industry Leaders’ Conclave

    • Convergence of education trends
    • Attracting & retaining talents
    • Investments & Partnerships: Industry leads
    • Multi-faceted leaders- harnessing disruptions

    School Track

    Learning in Science, English and Maths Education: Technology Tools for Student Comprehension

    • Technology Tools for Student Comprehension
    • Improving instructional practice
    • Technology standards in STEM education
    • Professional development
    • Fostering Innovative Partnerships

    Assistive technology and Life Skills Education: Emerging Landscape

    • Organisational Life Skills
    • Social Life Skills
    • Communication Life Skills
    • Personal Care Life Skills
    • Digital Safety Life Skills


    Contextual Education Practices: Towards sustainable development

    • Environment Education
    • Sports Education
    • Value Education
    • Career building
    • Yoga Education

    Assessment: CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Education) and Beyond

    • Growing concerns in assessments
    • How can continuous assessments support learning in schools
    • Key areas of intervention in CCE, challenges and opportunities for schools
    • Best practices in assessment systems – beyond CCE

    Creating Personalised Learning Space in Schools:

    • Models for Strengthening Holistic Learning
    • Mapping Upcoming Technology Trends,
    • Classroom infrastructure requirements
    • Elements for successful training programmes for trainers

    Exploring New Frontiers and Innovations in Teacher Education: Coping with Rapidly Changing 
    Education Technologies

    • New avenues for teachers’ training
    • Best practices in training for educators
    • Implications for educational institutes
    • New policy frameworks


    Blended Learning, Multi Media Content and Supportive Teaching Tools to Promote Student Engagement

    • Changing patterns of teaching and learning in school education
    • Blending the learning solutions- online & offline, synchronous & asynchronous
    • different multi-media assets
    • different didactical interactions
    • different ways of delivering the content
    • self study and collaborative learning
    • formal and informal learning


    Special Track:

    Emerging Opportunities in Education

    • Reforming Medical Education to Benefit Masses
    • Making healthcare affordable
    • Health professionals for a new century- new contexts, new challenges
    • Transforming education to strengthen health systems in an interdependent world
    • Adaptation of public health education and research to local priorities
    • IT adding to capacities
    • Recommendations for reforms and enabling actions


    Pre Schools Education in India:

    • Learning Trends and pedagogies in Early Childhood Education
    • Improving learning outcomes
    • New technologies-enabled pre-school education
    • Regulation and control of pre-school education

    Indian Education Sector: Creating Opportunities through Strategic Investments

    • Entrepreneurial innovation and investment in education
    • Making a healthy investment return
    • The opportunity for technology-based solutions

    Education Research Forum

    • Paper presentations



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