LPU e-Connect – Lovely Professional University

Project Category: Higher Education

Sub Category: Innovation In Open And Distance Learning
Reference No. WES2013/awards/139

Details of the Applicant:

Name: Nitin Gupta
Designation: PO
Organization: Lovely Professional University
Address: Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar – Delhi G.T. Road (NH-1), Phagwara, Punjab (India) – 14441
City: Phagwara
State: Punjab
Zip Code: 144411
Organization Website: http://www.lpu.in/

Details of the Agency implementing the Project/Initiative:

Website: http://www.lpude.in/

Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

Brief Description:
LPU e-Connect, an exceptional and user friendly online platform of Lovely Professional University Distance Education (LPUDE), offers any time any where strong and secure online connection that links its various users viz. University, Study Centres and Students located at different geographical locations. It is a boon for the Students and Study Centres as it truly automates their various administrative and academic processes through its useful tools with the motto “Your Education Your Way”. It is a purely web based ERP Project that can be accessed from any part of the world with the help of any standard web browser.

1. To act as an Information Hub for the students by providing them personalized learning environment so that they can learn as per their convenience along with their other commitments.
2. To provide easy access of all the information, records and real time data to the Study Centres through its various features.
3. To make LPU DE, a Transparent and Efficient System with its Innovative tools

Target Group:
1. Students of Distance Education
2. Study Centres
3. Management and Staff Members of the University

Geographical Reach within India: Pan India

Geographical Reach outside India: Can be used anywhere across the globe (currently being used in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka).

Date From which the Project became Operational: 6-1-2011

Is the Project still operational?: Yes

List 5 achievements of the programme/project/initiative:
1. With LPU e-Connect, the University is able to save lots of papers in University and Study Centres to make University and its Study Centres paperless and truly Online.
2. The system is now used by more than 41K users.
3. Online Sharing of Data, Records, Information, Updates and Important Documents for fast and better communication.
4. Online Question Papers distribution during Examination for smooth and fast process to make Examination System transparent
5. The system purely functions on Secured Socket Layer (for complete session) SSL from 128 – 256 Bit Encryption ensuring safety and privacy of the data.

List 5 Key challenges faced while implementing the project/programme/initiative and how they were overcome:
1. Challenge of providing help and support to all the Study Centres and Students locating at different corners and far off places of Country and troubleshooting their problems.
2. Load on the Server. This was one of the major challenge faced. This challenge was overcome with the help of proper architecture and setting up clusters of servers at the backend. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the system, the bandwidth was also increased.
3. Challenge of Training the Study Centres and Students: In order to put any system into place, the acceptance of the system by the end users is very much essential. By default whenever new system is implemented, lack of interest and reservations would always be there. In case of Distance Education, Distance was the biggest challenge. This was overcome with the help of training at regular intervals and providing support day and night.
4. Security and privacy concern was another major challenge. This was overcome with the help of SSL (Secured Layer Implementation) for the complete session of the user.
5. Data storage and backup was another challenge that was resolved with the help of SAN/NAS storage and automated backups. Proper backup policy was framed to do the backup(s) and to handle the situation in case of any eventuality.

Documents publishing URL : http://www.scribd.com/doc/96813082/LPU-e-Connect