eScholarship Management System, Maharashtra – Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra

Project Category: Government Initiative

Sub Category: Government Sector Initiative In Education
Reference No. WES2013/awards/209

Details of the Applicant:

Name: Manish Grover
Designation: Consultant State eMission Team
Organization: Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
Address: Directorate of Information Technology, 7th Floor, Mantralaya,Mumbai 400032
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashta
Zip Code: 400032
Organization Website:

Details of the Agency implementing the Project/Initiative:

Name of the Organization: School Education and Sports Department, Government of Maharashtra
 School Education and Sports Department, 4th Floor, Mantralaya Annex, Mumbai – 400032
Country: India
Zip Code: 400032
Head of Organization: Shri. J. S. Saharia
Head Designation: ACS, Government of Maharashtra

Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

Brief Description:
School EducationDepartment was using a manual system for the implementation of scholarships, which was extremely time consuming and prone to errors and duplication. To overcome these shortcomings, it has been decided to launch an eScholarship management system (EMS) for scholarship application, review and disbursal. The EMS facilitates online application, automated approval, transparent verification and rapid delivery of scholarships. The eScholarship website provides all the required details for application such as scholarship schemes, documents required, application procedure and application status.Students or Schools submits the application online which gets verified online by district education officers and further merit list is approved at Directorate office. On selection of student and on disbursement of scholarship, students get an SMS alert. The EMS eradicates duplicate and false cases and helps in tracking and monitoring of the overall process. The EMS enables 18 lac students to apply for the scholarship as compared to 14 lac students applied last year. All the applications were approved and processed by the EMS itself which proves to be error free and less time consuming. The selected students are in the process of filling of their bank details in application wherein the department would be disbursing scholarship account directly.

The eScholarship Management System automates, streamlines& effectively manages the processes related to Application Receipt, Processing, Sanction and Disbursal of Pre-Metric Scholarship to students. Using the automated scholarship management system, the Department avoids duplication and errors and ensuring a transparent, speedy and accurate delivery of the scholarship to the student. It also enables the students of Maharashtra to apply for the Scholarship scheme online through a portal and to get rid of the old manual system of filling the manual application forms. The brief objectives of EMS are: 1. Online receipt of Scholarship application 2. Online approval from the authorized personnel 3. Scholarship renewal year on year 4. MIS Reports 5. Email and SMS alerts 6. Master database management 7. Merit List generation 8. Merit List approval 9. Generation of disbursement list for ECS payment 10. Online Bank details updation 11. Direct scholarship disbursement to students bank account

Target Group: All students of Maharashtra belonging to minority community and have family income less than 1lac per annum

Geographical Reach within India: Within India

Geographical Reach outside India: Not Applicable

Date From which the Project became Operational: 1-8-2012

Is the Project still operational?: Yes

List 5 achievements of the programme/project/initiative:
1. Increased Reach In 2011-2012, around 14 lac students applied for scholarship. However during 2012-2013 it was made online by the Department and consequently a total of 18 lac students applied for the scholarship.
2.  Efficiency It drastically cuts down the time taken to manually process and submit scholarship applications
3. Transparent Publication of records on the eScholarship website makes the process transparent. And students can track their applications and get informed via email or SMS
4. Accuracy The automated rule engine creates proposal based on scholarship eligibility rules, providing accurate list of students and make sure that the deserved students get the scholarship.
5. Online Payment The linkage of the bank details with the selected students ensures a quick and transparent disbursement process

List 5 Key challenges faced while implementing the project/programme/initiative and how they were overcome:
1. Large and ever-increasing number of students and a huge geographical spread make it difficult to develop a completely transparent system of management. This is gradually being overcome by establishing a clear network of officers in charge in various districts and schools.
2. Creating such a transparent and efficient online system and infrastructure will be time consuming. Every area does not have access to internet facilities and neither are all students computer literate. To deal with this issue, the schools are assisting students and their parents in filling application forms. Efforts to spread internet connectivity to each taluka and village should be made by the IT department.
3. The student needs to open a bank account with a bank having Core Banking infrastructure. Some of the taluka and village do not have a core banking bank branch.
4. Ensuring smooth functioning at all levels, from the district officer, to the school, student, the bank and the department, requires a full proof system because each step is dependent on the next and therefore there needs to be a systematic synthesis of scholarship processes