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Project Category: Vocational Education

Sub Category: Vocational Education and Training
Reference No. WES2013/awards/221

Details of the Applicant:

Name: Shailesh Mehta
Designation: eLearning Vocational Education Evangelist Founder
Organization: GurukulOnline Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Shree Krishna, 3rd Floor
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Zip Code: 400057

Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

Brief Description:
GOLS provides elearning coaching for all the streams of ICSI i.e. Foundation, Executive and Professional eLearning Coaching and also provides all the mandatory trainings required to be completed by students of the ICSI students i.e. eSIP (Student Induction Program), eEDP (Executive Development Program) and eMSOP (Management Skills Oriented Programs) Under elearning, students can have continuous access to studies and guidance of faculties online. The elearning module will enable students to have access to learning and faculty support at any time as per their convenience. Student Interactivity is provided using Discussion forum. In addition, Students can interact live with faculties during Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) which mimics the physical classroom in every way but is conducted over the internet. The fees approved by the ICSI are very low and are fraction of charged by coaching classes whilst maintaining high quality of education. In fact n the December 2012 exams conducted by the ICSI, one of our students has secured All India 21st Rank, which endorses the quality of coaching provided by us. Apart from this hundreds of students regularly pass the exams. The testimonials of students are available on the website i.e.

To provide high quality education with the best faculties at highly affordable fees and reach nook and corner of the country using GOLS EduVarsity™. Idea is not only to wean away students in the Tier I and II from private coaching classes with quality education but also provide good educational experience to students in Tier III towns, rural and remote regions who don’t get facility of any coaching facilities.

Target Group: All students who are pursuing the Company Secretary (CS) Course to become CS Professionals.

Geographical Reach within India: Over 650 tier-2, 3, 4 towns, Villages apart from all the metros and almost all State capitals.

Geographical Reach outside India: Students from places like Singapore, Hong Kong, US, Dubai, etc.

Date From which the Project became Operational: 30-10-2007

Is the Project still operational?: Yes

List 5 achievements of the programme/project:
1. The proof of any education initiative is the ultimate success of its students. Today our students are standing in the merit list and hundreds of students are passing with flying colors Please see testimonials on
2.We have provided level playing fields to students who were earlier deprived of good quality education comprising of women(who do not travel out to cities for education) and students from back ward and remote areas. No wonder our students base comprise of 650 towns and some of the most remote areas of the country like Andman Nicobar, Lakshadeep islands, north east, Gadchiroli etc.
3.Provided an affordable and high quality option to coaching classes who are charging exorbitant fees and providing many a time shoddy quality of education.
4.Help students to complete the mandatory trainings of the ICSI. ICSI was concerned to prevent impersonation whilst doing mandatory training. We have provided them attendance authentication tool which takes students picture randomly whilst studying. This is compared with the ID card photo to prevent any possibility of impersonation. We are now set to clear backlog of over 1 Lac students who are now awaiting to complete mandatory training so as to move to the next level in the CS profession
5. Successfully developed and implemented ‘Administrator centric’, ‘Faculty centric’ and ‘student centric’ model – all at the same time, by empowering all the stakeholders. Administrator centric because it delivers 24X7 admin facility with live minute-to-minute activities report to the administrator; faculty centric as Faculties can reach out to much larger audience, it provides live feed on students activities and their progress so that support to needy students can be provided at th

List 5 Key challenges faced while implementing the project/programme/initiative and how they were overcome:

1.Coaching Classes are still the 1st preferred destination as students psyche is that learning can happen by attending coaching classes only. Coaching classes have evolved their model and are very good at what they are doing. We have overcome this successfully by matching most of the features/services that students get in coaching classes using our product Eduvarsity™. In addition, students attend coaching classes for networking which we have provided by virtual networking tools.
2.eLearning is perceived by students as supportive or supplementary learning but not mainstream learning. We have successfully proven that eLearning is not supplementary learning but as good as mainstream learning. As a proof of the same elearning or online learning is now endorsed by a Gazette Notification which makes online learning at par with physical learning and student can do the course either thru physical or online.
3.eLearning can be done only by students who are tech savvy – This is a myth which was broken by us as our programs designed were very simple and easy to understand interfaces. As a result, today our students are taking elearning coaching from over 650 tier-2, 3, 4 towns, Villages apart from all the metros and almost all State capitals.
4. We are charging low fees and hence big budge ads are out of reckoning. Hence it was challenge to reach out to students in such large number. We have achieved this through sms, email, Telecalling, demonstrations in ICSI local chapters and of course websites.
5. Most Indian houses still don’t have internet connections or connections which is very slow. We have now introduced low cost pen drives with most content embedded in it to provide cost effective education with poor or no internet connection