Award Categories

4thdigitalLearning World Education Summit Award for:

School Education

  • Global collaborative Learning initiative
  • Innovation in pedagogical practices
  • Use of ICT in school Management
  • Green campus of the Year
  • Innovation in Science education
  • Innovation in Math education
  • Innovation in Languages
  • Innovation in Preschool Education
  • eSchool Initiative
  • Start-up School

Higher Education

  • Global Collaborative Learning
  • eCampus
  • Green Campus
  • Innovation in Open and Distance Learning
  • Interface between Academia – Industry
  • B-School Providing Global Exposure to Student
  • Innovation by Engineering Institute
  • Innovation by Medical College
  • Innovation by Management Institute
  • Public-Private Partnership in Higher Education
  • Use of technology in teaching and learning by Higher Education Institution
  • Technology in Testing and assessments in Higher Education Institution
  • Start up for Higher Education Institutes

Skills & Vocational Education

  • Vocational Education & Training
  • Innovation in Open and Distance Learning in Vocational and Skills Development

Government Sector Initiatives

  • Government Sector Initiative in Education

Private Sector Initiatives

  • Online Education Platform Provider
  • Virtual Classroom Provider
  • Technology Solution Provider
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Digital Lab Provider
  • Hands on Learning
  • Testing and Assessment tool provider
  • Interactive Solution Provider
  • Tablets
  • PPP Initiative
  • Smart Class Solution Provider
  • Start up company

Start-up Award:

  • Innovation in Education

Non-Government Sector Initiatives

  • Non-Government Sector Initiative in Education


  • Institutes
  • Corporates