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Category: Private Sector Initiative

Sub Category: Enterprise Resource Planning
Reference No. WES2014/awards/448

Details of the Applicant:

Name: Mr Puneet Kumar
Organization: Nysa Communications Pvt Ltd

Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

Brief Description:
An Education Management Solution taking care of the entire academic administrative activities of any higher education, complex government bodies, private universities, group of colleges, autonomous education systems, distant education institutions. It also provides solutions for E-learning, E-Campus, Virtual Campus, Online examination and evaluation for any purpose and not only education. DIGIUNIV Education Management Solution is a Web-based Online ERP Software which is used by prestigious Educational Institutions across India. It focuses on helping the Education sector customers meet the increasing demands & to diversify their offering, improve efficiencies and help in increase in student number and overall growth of business. DigiUniv Education Solution offers an integrated suite of modules that provides a single view of business process information to guide decision-making.

Facilitate stakeholders of Education Institutions to manage administrative and academic process in a much more efficient manner with increased transparency providing accurate and user friendly environment

Target Group: Universities
• Private
• Government
• Affiliated
• Distant Education
• Agricultural
• Deemed Institutions
• Colleges
• Group of Colleges
• Technical/Non Technical/Medical/ Para-medical
• Government/Private
• Group of Institution

Geographical Reach within India: Pan India

Geographical Reach outside India: N/A

Date From which the Project became Operational: 1-1-2012

Is the Project still operational?: Yes

List 5 achievements of the programme/project/initiative:

1. Successful implementation in Complex education bodies.
2. Catering to 10 leading universities, implemented in more than 500 colleges.
3. Having a total user base of more than 10 lacs from different universities on an annual basis.
4. Provided trainings to a large volume of rural users and helped increasing the computer literacy rate.

List 5 Key challenges faced while implementing the project/programme/initiative and how they were overcome:
1. System Study before implementation: it was very difficult to understand the processes before implementation as there is no defined process. No organized processes were available. To overcome this.
2. Digitization of data: all the data information was in physical form and that too incomplete. So the digitization of the data became a challenge and it was necessary to bring store it in the system.
3. Adaptability of Technology: The government universities employees were not willing to adapt the new technology. Huge resistance was observed for implementing the new systems by the employees of the.
4.Integration of different activities: large universities have different departments that manage activities separately and in a different manner. So it was difficult for us to integrate all those modul.
5. User Trainings: As the user volume was very high (25 million students) with many coming from rural areas with no computer literacy, so the trainings of the users became a challenge. So through diff

Documents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6hWwbem5Eo

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