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Sub Category: Enterprise Resource Planning
Reference No. WES2014/awards/452

Details of the Applicant:

Name: Abdul Salam
Organization: Foradian Technologies

Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

Brief Description:
Fedena is a multipurpose school management software used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all administration, management and learning related activities. Fedena is installed in 40,000+ institutes world-wide and powers over 20 million students and teachers. Fedena is optimized for customization. Fedena has a plugin architecture and API model which let the schools create seamless integration with other software and add features as plugins. Fedena fits into your school’s system completely. We offer our base code for free. Anybody can build on it. Fedena works as a vibrant ecosystem and includes a community of developers, freelancers and resellers. Our community model allows us to effectively serve all kinds of institutes ranging from community centers, Sunday schools, low end unaided teaching centers, govt schools, educational NGO’s and almost everyone in addition to the regular and premier institutes. Fedena has a very user-friendly, easy to use dashboard design. If you can use a computer you can use Fedena. We are available in the market with best of features at a very affordable price. Fedena has been awarded with many prestigious awards like: MiT TR35 2012, Edustars, Indira International Innovation, NASSCOM Emerge 10, 2012, CNBC-TV18 Young Turks, UKTI Innovative Indian Companies Award.

Fedena aims at providing the best ERP solutions to schools at a reasonable price. Fedena allows easy and complete customization. Most of the solutions are a poor fit and require extensive and expensive customization, whereas Fedena comes with API architecture which allow schools to add their desired modules and plugins to it. With Fedena all kinds of educational institutes can manage each and every process on computers making them a smart school/institute and also saving a lot of time and money. Fedena is easy to use. Most management information systems are difficult to learn and configure, so many schools don’t use them. Fedena was designed to be easy to use. So easy that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and email should be able to use it within 10 minutes. Fedena is a highly secure and scalable product which can include any number of users and features.

Target Group: schools, colleges, universities, evening schools, small time learning centers, NGOs etc

Geographical Reach within India: Fedena is used in all states of India

Geographical Reach outside India: Fedena open source is used in 200+ countries & we have paid customers in 100+ countries

Date From which the Project became Operational: 2-4-2009

Is the Project still operational?: Yes

List 5 achievements of the programme/project/initiative:

1.Project Sampoorna – The project was implemented in coordination with the Education Department of Government of Kerala, India to automate the system and process of over 15,000 schools in the state.
2.MiT TR35 2012 Foradian received the distinguished MIT TR35 award for innovation in the education sector as an emerging technology company.
3.NASSCOM Emerge 10, 2012 Foradian Technologies received the prestigious NASSCOM Emerge 10 award for innovation in product and business model.
4.Kano State government, Nigeria. 4000+ schools powered by Fedena.
5.CNBC-TV18 Young Turks CNBC-TV18 Young Turks featured Foradian as a fast-growing company in the education sector.

List 5 Key challenges faced while implementing the project/programme/initiative and how they were overcome:

1. Customization requirement (System and Process of Schools differ from each other). Fedena overcame this problem by introducing plugin architecture.
2.Limited usage (Teachers are not using the software). Fedena overcame this problem by providing high-end User experience and user interface.
3.ERP Solutions by Big companies -> Huge licensing cost. Fedena overcame this problem by our product revenue model and open source version.
4.Primitive software solutions built by amateur companies who disappear in a couple of years. Fedena overcame this problem with our product model.
5.Huge customization cost. Fedena overcame this problem by forming Fedena ecosystem which consists of community of freelancers, technology partners, resellers who build new plugins on Fedena


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