School Education

4thdigitalLearning World Education Summit Award for:


Global Collaborative Learning Initiative

We are living in the global world that is highly networked with each other and provides immense opportunities to share or review resources and skills, evaluate ideas, and monitor work among each other. This category invites nominations from schools that provide global exposure to students and that have done outstanding work in global collaboration.


Innovation in Pedagogical Practices

Pedagogy is the science and art of education. Good teaching practices help shape the learning experiences and increase motivation and achievement for students. This category invites nominations from organisations that are bringing innovation in pedagogical practices.


Use of ICT in School Management

Information Technology is helping in good governance and better management in whatever field it is being applied. This category invites nomination from organizations that are using ICT in an exemplary way for school management.


Green Campus of the Year

It is important to sensitise the academia and students of their responsibility for the sustainability of the world and its ecology. There are environment-friendly schools that focus on environment education for better understanding among students about reducing their ecological footprints. This category invites nominations from all schools that are taking outstanding steps toward making their schools’ environments healthier.


Innovation in Science Education

As technology is rapidly improving and impacting our lives, it is important for education hubs across the globe to focus on science education, so that the global community can meet multiple challenges in climate change, disease reduction, food security and industrial requirements. To catalyse and support excellence in teaching and learning of science, this category invites nominations from schools which are using innovative ways to improve science education across the globe.


Innovation in Math Education

For many of us Mathematics may be a very tough subject to study, but it is used throughout the world in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine and social sciences such as economics. This category invites nominations from schools working for or imparting Math education in innovative ways.


Innovation in Languages

Language allows us to express ourselves. Creating dynamic and easy learning content which helps individuals to learn language(s) in easy and innovative ways is paramount for an education system. This category invites nomination from schools working for Excellence and Innovation in Language Learning.


Innovation in Preschool Education

Preschool education is the foundation for a child’s education. The skills and knowledge that the child develops in the preschool years have a dramatic impact on his/her success in the future. This category invites nominations from preschools that are doing outstanding work in the area of child education.


eSchool Initiative

e-Schools are rich in technology and takes advantage of the modern innovations to ensure that children get the best education possible. This category invites nominations from schools that are taking e-initiative on an exemplary scale.


Start-up School

This category invites nominations from start-up school which is playing seminal role.