22nd World Education Summit 2021 Higher Education

We are thrilled to announce the global event ‘22nd World Education Summit & Awards’, New Delhi on December 17-18, 2021. Once again we will bring together eminent panelists under one roof to discuss important issues related to the industry as well as the challenges and opportunities in India’s higher education.

The higher education system has undergone massive changes in terms of providing quality education, development of basic infrastructure, rapid growth in the number of universities and colleges, flexible education mode and so on. The event will be a platform where the stakeholders can discuss and share the experiences that will make higher education more responsible and ease the teaching-learning process.

The two-day event will focus on the gap in the education system, lack of quality research work, shortage of faculty, availability of quality institutions, less collaboration and many vital topics that need attention and development in the higher education space.

The event will focus on the steps needed to bring exceptional technological reforms, which is the need of the hour. Universities and colleges need to work towards resolving complex issues that are also hindering the expansion process. This event will be an inspiration and learning for all whosoever will be attending it.

The World Education Summit & Awards is an innovative platform where government officials, policymakers, thought leaders, opinion makers, and other stakeholders from the higher education sector will participate.

Our Speakers

Dr. Pankaj Mittal

Secretary General
Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
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Dr. Sendilkumar.B

Dean and Director-Health Sciences
Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation-DU, Salem
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Dr. Arun Mohan Sherry

Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Lucknow
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Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Tiruchirappali
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The conference will bring together thought leaders, policy makers, industry experts from across India and globally.
Exchange of ideas and best practices of the higher education sector will be the main focus of discussion.



Exhibition will open the scope of new business opportunities, increase business networking skills, identify potential partners, and establish new avenues of business growth.



It aims to felicitate and honour experts and encourage people who have contributed in higher education.



Meet the like-minded people, identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of business interest. Interact with influential people that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to easily talk to or find.


  • 50 + Government Dignitaries
  • 250 + Higher Education Institutes
  • 1000 + Higher Education Delegates
  • 50 + Human Resource Heads
  • 100 + Exhibitors

Target Audience

Why to be an exhibitor?

  • Strengthen Brand Awareness
  • Potential Marketing Opportunity
  • Meet and Connect with prospective customers
  • Increase lead and ultimately business
  • Opportunity to sign MoUs with Global Universities and Institutions

Why to attend it?

  • Listen to policymakers and provide your perspective
  • Expand Knowledge and Find solutions
  • Exposure to global best practices
  • To Networking and Explore new tie-ups
  • Increase Visibility through advertisements, exhibitions and sponsorships

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22nd World Education Summit 2021

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22nd World Education Summit

Key Discussion Points

  • Future of Higher Education in Middle East: Reopening to the challenges and Long-term Impact of COVID-19
  • Stargazing on Education: Reflecting on the Building Blocks for Digital Transformation of Higher Education
  • The Challenges and Opportunties: Artificial Intelligence in Universities & Institutes
  • Emerging Trends in Higher Education: Aligning them with 21st century skills
  • Online Education: The Changing Methods of Teaching and Learnings in the Education Sector
  • Investment Opportunities and Challenges in the Education sector of Middle East: The Roadmap Ahead
  • What Model Of Learning do we Need for the Future Generations in Higher Education
  • How can a global education benefit Middle East students?
  • Focusing on the Education Policy Reforms and Best Practices in the Middle East
  • Redefining the Leadership & Digital Transformation in the School Education
  • Ensuring all the learners are able to develop skills to drive sustainable development and become future-ready
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Classrooms - Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
  • Investment Opportunities and Approaches in the Global Education sector: The Roadmap Ahead
  • Create an agile and outcome-driven learning techniques that adapts well to the changing global education system
  • The Need to Educate Students on Online safety and how school are implementing the best practices on cyber security
  • The Importance of Mental Wellbeing in School Education and the New-Age Requirement of the education sector