27th Elets World Education Awards


The World Education Summit (WES) Awards have the objective of recognising Ed-tech companies that have made substantial advancements in improving teaching, learning, and employability outcomes within the educational domain. Renowned for its credibility, the WES Awards serve as a platform for bringing visibility and acknowledgment to educational institutions and organisations throughout the sector.

Nominate Now
  • EdTech Company of the year
  • Best Edtech Start-up of the Year
  • Emerging Technology solution of the year
  • Edtech Solution Provider of the Year
  • Best Use of artificial intelligence (AI) In Education
  • Best career planning Platform
  • Best E-Learning Platform
  • Emerging Edtech Provider of the Year
  • Best Edtech Provider of the Year
  • Innovations in Online Teaching
  • Outstanding Digital Content for Learning
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Excellence
  • Best Mobile App for Education
  • Outstanding Technology for Inclusion
  • Virtual Reality (VR) in Education
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration
  • Gamification for Learning
  • Outstanding Online Assessment Tool
  • Innovative Product/Service for Teacher Professional Development
  • Best Use of Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity in Education
  • Sustainability in EdTech
  • Innovative 21st-Century Skills Solution
  • Leading Interactive Solution Provider
  • Emerging Global Campus Management Suite for Higher Education Institutions
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for Higher Education Institutes
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for School Education Institutions
  • Innovative Technology for Engineering Institutes
  • Best Accessories for Infrastructure Development in Educational Institutions
  • Best Smart Class Solution Provider
  • Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  • Best Online Education Platform Provider
  • Overseas Education Facilitator
  • Leading ERP Solution Provider
  • Best Edtech Start-up of the Year
  • Outstanding E-learning Platform
  • Innovative Classroom Technology Solution
  • Digital Content for Education
  • Mobile App for Education
  • Best Adaptive Learning Solution
  • Innovative Assessment Tool
  • Excellence in Education Gamification
  • Excellence in Teacher Support:
  • Best Education Hardware Solution
  • Emerging Edtech Start-up
  • Best Higher Education Solution
  • Best School Education Solution
  • Edtech for Special Needs
  • Best Parental Engagement Tool
  • Innovation in Online Tutoring

Why Participate in the Elets World
Education Awards?

Recognition of Excellence

By participating in the awards, you have the opportunity to gain recognition for your exemplary efforts and achievements in the education sector. Your work will be acknowledged on a global stage.

Inspire and Be Inspired

Interact with leading educators, innovators, and experts from around the world. Share your ideas, learn from others, and be inspired by the transformative initiatives that are shaping the future of education.

Showcase Your Innovations

Demonstrate your pioneering solutions, technology integrations, and methodologies that are revolutionising the way we teach and learn. Gain valuable feedback and insights from the education community.