Past Award Winners

Public Private Partnership In the Field of Vocational Education and Skills Training

  • Mahendra Skills Training & Development Pvt Ltd

Innovation In Education Technology for School

  • LearnOn Technology Solutions
  • EduPro Learning
  • Entab Infotech Pvt Ltd
  • The Ultimate Knowledge (TUK)
  • SchoolHandy

Innovation In Pedagogical Practices

  • Space Kidz India
  • Indiannica Learning
  • JumpStart Games

Innovation in PreSchool Pedagogy

  • Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Innovation In Teaching Pedagogy

  • Pearson India Education Pvt Ltd

Best Assessment tools Providers

  • Jointeca Education Solutions Ltd

Use of Assistive Technologies in Education

  • Copyrobo

Vocational Education & Training

  • Lifeboard Edu Solutions

Innovative school administrative and management systems

  • Learning Wings Education Systems

Best Business Solution for GST

  • Marg ERP Ltd

Smart Class Solution Provider

  • Indiannica Learning Private Limited
  • Smart Learning

Leading Interactive Solution Providers

  • ConveGenius Edu Solutions Pvt Limited

Innovative Assessment Tool Providers

  • Jointeca Education Solutions Ltd

Digital SKill Development in Higher Education

  • Adobe Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Naesys Dimensions Solution Pvt Ltd

Upcoming Test Preparation, Evaluation and Assessment Tool Providers

  • Smart Learning

Innovative Technology Solutions for Higher Education Institutes

  • Connexrm
  • Globus Infocom Limited
  • Top Freshers Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative Payment Solutions for Education

  • Airpay

Innovative Payment Solutions for Education

  • Airpay

Innovative Learning and Assessment Tools for Early Childhood Education

  • Tecvivid Software Consulatuncy Pvt Ltd

Evolving Effective Assessment Ecosystems

  • Oyster Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative and interactive web tools for Educators

  • Pappaya

Upcoming AI Design in Future Education

  • 3G App: AI Design in Future Education

Creating Technology Enabled Learning Platforms

  • Gold Infotech FZC

Innovative Technology Solutions for Engineering Institutes

  • Ekalasaala (Srigajanan eslates Pvt ltd)

Innovative Professional Platform for Educators

  • Mentric Services Private Limited

Leading Security and Surveillance Solution in Education Sector

  • trackNOW Pvt Ltd (myskoolbus)

Innovative MIS using Artificial Intelligence in Education

  • Jointeca Education Solutions Ltd.

Leading Multimedia Content for K12 Education

  • Ebix Smartclass

Most InnovativeTechnology Solution for Schools

  • Ebix Smartclass

Excellency in Technology Solutions for Education

  • Acer India Pvt Ltd

Excellency in Technology Solutions for Education

  • Acer India Pvt Ltd

Innovative Technology Solutions For School & Higher Education Institutes

  • BenQ

Leading ERP Solutions Provider for the education sector

  • Franciscan Solutions
  • Redox Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Leading ERP Solutions Provider for the education sector

  • Franciscan Solutions

Leading E-Learning Content in Science & Maths for K-12 Education

  • Designmate
  • Ebix Smartclass

Leading Interactive Solution Providers

  • BenQ
  • Tata ClassEdge
  • School Handy

Innovation In Vocational Education And Skills Training

  • On Sky Global

Innovation in School Uniforms

  • Lyallpur Uniforms

Accessories for Infrastructure Development in Institutions

  • Mango Institutional Furniture

Innovative Child Security Solution Provider

  • Arigold

Leading AI Powered Learning Solution Provider

  • Embibe

Innovation in STEAM Education

  • Yardstick Educational Initiatives

Leading Education Loan Provider

  • Avanse Financial Services Ltd

Most Innovative IOT Platform Services

  • Global Channel Resources India Pvt Ltd

Innovation in deployment of Edutech in Professional Training

  • Times Pro

Innovation in Holistic Education

  • I-Empower

Digital Learning Initiative in Skill development

  • Lit Skills Learning

Exemplary Achievement Award for Developing Cognition in Children

  • Energia SOI

Outstanding Marketing Agency for Education Sector

  • SRV Media

Innovative financial solution provider for school infra development

  • InCred Finance

Leading Educational Tour Operator

  • Adventure Education Tours (MUM) Pvt Lt

Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation And Assessment Tool Providers

  • Radiant Infonet Private Limited, New Delhi

21st-Century Skills Solution

  • LogIQids

Outstanding Bank in Digital Banking Solution for Education Sector

  • ICICI Bank

Best Personalised and Adaptive Learning (PAL) Solution

  • ICICI Bank

Excellence in Digital National Web Events Award 2021

  • IGEN Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd, India

Most Innovative Exam Preparation Solution Provider

  • Testbook Edu Solution

Innovative Assessment Tool Providers

  • Open Door Education

Leading School in Online Teaching Practices

  • Cyboard School

Best Online Platform for K-12 Schools

  • Fliplearn Education Pvt Ltd

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