Meenakshi Ramesh

Meenakshi Ramesh is the Director, Curriculum & R&D and Program Leader of CICTL – Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning and Director of VSKILL- Centre for Professional Development of Vels Group of Schools, Chennai, India.

She has been in the field of education for over three decades. With her strong belief in enhancing and equipping skills to keep abreast of the latest knowledgeshe has tried out International Curriculum as well. She has conducted Teacher Training Workshops, symposia and other aspects of Team Learning with teachers. She strongly believes that the education system in our country needs a precise paradigm shift towards helping children to become self- engaged, self- responsible and self- researchers. As an art lover, she has been an amateur theatre person, singer and a dancer. She is also a qualified Program Leader for Cambridge Professional Development Qualification. She has also been an Examination Officer for International Examinations and Convener for local Board Examinations.