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World Education Summit Awards | School Education

World Education Summit Awards

World Education Summit Awards are meant to admire the contributions and pioneering initiatives taken by individuals, preschools, schools, higher educational institutions, and Ed-Tech firms. With these awards, digitalLEARNING, Asia & Middle East’s premier magazine on innovations in education, would like to honour, and recognise the institutions/organisations that are Re-innovating, Re-vamping, Re-Defining & Re- Imagining the teaching-learning processes, in these testing times. With digital classes taking the centre stage, the learning outcomes have changed.

The World Education Summit (WES) Awards aim to acknowledge those individuals, educational institutions, and Ed-tech firms that have transformed teaching, learning, and employability outcomes.

Known for its authenticity and transparency, WES Awards bring recognition and visibility for an institution/organization across the sector. The summit has, in its past too, brought to fore unique initiatives and projects that have brought a paradigm shift in the education sphere within various parts of the country.

Award Categories

  • Top Women Entrepreneurship Award in School Education
  • Top School Entrepreneurship Award
  • Top Preschool Entrepreneurship Award
  • Top School Principal Award
  • Top School Vice-Principal Award
  • Excellence In Inclusive Education
  • Excellence In Instructional Leadership
  • Top Women Entrepreneurship Award in Early Childhood Education
  • Innovation in Global Collaborative Learning
  • Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  • Green School Initiative
  • Innovation in Language(S) Education
  • Excellence in International Curriculum Practices
  • Use of ICT in School Management
  • Start Up School
  • Innovative Practices for Academic Excellence
  • Innovation in Campus Infrastructure
  • Innovation in STEAM Education
  • Teaching Excellence in Sports
  • Excellent School in Sports Infrastructure
  • Innovation in Special Needs Education
  • Excellence in Technology integration in Education
  • Leading School in Online Teaching Practices
  • Excellence In Co- Curricular Activities
  • Excellence In Faculty Training
  • Innovation in Preschool Pedagogy
  • Leading Preschool Chain (National)
  • Emerging Standalone Preschool
  • Innovation in Curriculum in Early Childhood Development
  • Innovation in Campus Infrastructure
  • Innovative Preschool Enterprise
  • Profound Technology usage in Early Childhood Teaching
  • Leading Preschool Chain Southern Region
  • Leading Preschool Chain Western Region
  • Leading Preschool Chain Eastern Region
  • Leading Preschool Chain Northern Region
  • Profound Technology usage for Early Childhood Teaching
  • Innovation in Early Years Education
  • Innovation in Vocational Education and Skills Training
  • Public-Private Partnership in the Field Of Vocational
    Education and Skills Training
  • Leading Vocational Institute for Skill Development
  • Leading School for Imparting Vocational Training and Skill
  • Curriculum for Vocational Training and Skill Development
  • Employability Enhancing Vocational Training and Skill Development
  • Most Impactful PPP Initiative in Skill Development
  • Digital Learning Initiative in Skill development
  • Debutant Skill training Programme
  • Outstanding Rural Skill Learning Institute
  • Leading Security and Surveillance Solutions Provider for the education sector
  • Upcoming Multi-Media Content for K-12 Education
  • Upcoming Training Provider to Working Professionals
  • Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation and Assessment Tool Providers
  • Leading Interactive Solution Providers
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for Higher Education Institutes
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for School Education Institutes
  • Innovative Assessment Tool Providers
  • Innovative Technology for Engineering Institutes
  • Accessories for Infrastructure Development in Institutions
  • Smart Class Solution Provider
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  • Online Education Platform Provider
  • Overseas Education Facilitator
  • Leading ERP Solution Provider
  • Leading School Security Solution Provider
  • Government Sector Initiative in Skill Development
  • Promotion of IPR, Innovation, Technology Transfer in Universities and Start-ups
  • Public-Private Partnership in the Field of Higher Education and Skills Training
  • Education Facilitator in R&D and Technology Transfer
  • Government Sector Initiative to promote and develop the technologies
  • Government Sector Initiative to promote Digital Learning

For School Education Partnership

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For Corporates Partnership

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Krishna Kumar Singh: +91 9205793223

For School Education Speakers and Delegates

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For Overall Query

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