Pratima Sinha

    Mrs. Pratima Sinha holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at DSR Education Society Hyderabad .The Society has seven schools named Birla Open Minds International and Preschools in Hyderabad . A Post Graduate in Education with Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Business English .Many new initiatives have been initiated under her leadership . She has headed schools with CBSE , ICSE ,Cambridge and IB programmes , she has also held the position of Regional Academic Head with Pearson Education . She is an EDEXCEL(Pearson Teacher Training) certified trainer. All the organizations that she joined she with her clear vision raised the bar of work environment . She is on the advisory board of organizations like IECS and ISLI , Next Education and EdSense. She has been invited as a speaker to various National and International Forums and Conferences . She has also been recognized and awarded by various organization for her in depth work in the field of Education. She has published many articles in the Educational Magazines which have been highly appreciated and is a blogger . Her career graph showcases more than three decades of progressive qualitative experience across a wide gamut of functions like Classroom Teaching ,Academic Audit , Curriculum Developing and Planning , Teacher Training ,Mentoring and Monitoring , School Operations and Finances , Setting up and Managing schools. She has done extensive research and developed many modules in Teaching Pedagogy and English Enhancement Programme for adults. Her passion for performing arts has led her to be a member of Nishumbita Theatre Group where she has played many pivotal roles. She is right now working and researching on correlating life skills with theatre and benefits of theatre on Autistic children . Many Organizations send me details of Awards that are being organized by them and request me to nominate myself . I do not accept and approach the organizations who ask for huge monitory benefit for the award . If one is deserving and is being chosen for the award then it is a fair nomination. This is my first reason for nominating myself for ASMA Awards as I saw there is only Rs. 1000 for registration . Secondly I feel I deserve the Award as I have been working in the Field of Education since 1985 , I started my journey as a Grade 1 teacher with a clear Vision to give the best wherever I work and today with my hard work , perseverance , grit , resilience , open mindedness , focus , readiness to learn ,I have reached a position where I am, through my experiences sharing my vision , my knowledge , my experiences , my thought process to guide others to become great leaders . Of course ! it’s a never ending journey and as travellers we keeping covering one milestone after another and keep looking forward to the next.