Rakhi Mukherjee

    Rakhi Mukherjee is the principal of Utpal Shanghvi Global School and PPS International Junior College. She has been an educationist for over two decades. Since 2015 she has taken charge as Principal of USGS and PPSIJC. The institute has featured as Times Education Icon, ranked No. 1 in Zone B and No. 2 in Mumbai by Times School Survey since 2018. USGS and PPSIJC is not only recognised for its academic excellence with a record number of World Toppers and India Toppers with Cambridge International, UK, but also has a winning presence at the National, International level in sports and events like Science Film Festival among others. She was among the 25 Principals to receive the Iconic Leadership Award 2020. Under her leadership, in 2016 the school adopted a village in Maharashtra, Katkariwadi, as a Sustainable Development project, and has since installed solar panels and a water pipeline for the villagers. At the same time, she also developed an internship program with Oxford University, UK, whose students have been participating in this Sustainable Development project for the last three years.

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