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World Education Summit School Glimpses

School Education Day 1

Special Address: Dr. Manish Jha, Head, Infinity School

Industry Presentation: Hariprasad Nargund , Director, Graandprix

Special Address: Vijay Kumar Devarakonda

Special Address: Dr. Jyothi Reddy Ghanta, Director Education, The Shri Ram Hyderabad Schools, The Shri Ram Academy (International School) & The Founding Principal -The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad, Telangana

Industry Presentation by Mahesh Balakrishnan, Development & Recognition Manager, India and Nepal, International Baccalaureate

Panel Discussion 1: National Education Policy (NEP) 2020: Integrating 21-Century Skills in Schools

Industry Presentation by Dr. Dhaval Mody, CEO & Founder, SpEd@Home

NEP aligned digital solutions for schools, developed at MIT by Rajat Dandekar, Co-founder & Rushikesh Kale, Marketing & Business Strategist, Vizuara

Panel Discussion 2: Next-Generation Classrooms & Learning Models: Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education

Panel Discussion 3: Bringing Equity in Relevance to Digital Learning: Convergence of Technology & Skilling; Practical Implementation

Industry Presentation by Vishal Pathak, Founder & CEO, QLS Academy

Panel Discussion 4: Role of Early Childhood Educators in preparing a Healthier, Safer & Multicultural Learning Environment & Charting the roadmap of growth

Panel Discussion 5 : The State of Education in India & Evolving Role of Edtech

School Education Day 2

Panel Discussion 1: Digital Education & The Roadmap Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities

Panel Discussion 2: National Education Policy (NEP) 2020: Opportunities and Implementation: The way ahead

Panel Dicussion 3: Reskilling and Upskilling Students to Stay Competitive: Best Practices & the Way Forward

Panel Discussion 4: Rethinking Education in the New Normal: Adapting to Digital Innovation for a Better Future

Panel Discussion 5: Role of AI, Blockchain & other Immersive Technology in School Education

Industry Presentation: Unni Krishanan, QuestPlus

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